Emili Puig i Bruch is the mastermind behind the xuixo de Girona, created in his confectionery shop at 15, Carrer de la Cort Reial in Girona, together with a French worker who paid occasional visits.

A sweet that was rapidly welcomed by 19th-century Girona and confectioners who, with their creations, further extended the long list of great Catalan pastry products to sweeten the turn of the century for the people of Girona, turbulent like few others.

The fame of the xuixo quickly reached other Catalan provinces, under different names (globets in El Maresme, tornemis in Badalona) to name a product that by then displayed aesthetic and format differences, and it was common to see signs in Barcelona saying “Xuixos de Girona on sale”.

The xuixo de Girona, the Xuixo de Can Castelló, the authentic Girona xuixo, are joining forces to take its creation even further in this new phase celebrating its centenary. #yearofthexuixo #anydelxuixo