History of Castelló

The founder, Julià Castelló i Moré, born in Rabós d’Empordà, went to Girona at a young age, learnt the baker’s trade and married Carme Pericot i Romagós. They opened their bakery in 1898 in the Mercadal neighbourhood, whereupon there began a long line of bakers and pastry chefs whose trade has been passed down from parents to children. Lluis Castelló and Sabina

Viguera took over the business and endured the civil war, surviving only with great difficulty. Julià Castelló i Viguera and his wife, Maria Teresa Pérez (La Maite, the grand lady of Can Castelló) gave further momentum to the business by incorporating the Corria pastry shop in the 1960s, rapidly becoming the flagship patisserie in the city of Girona. Julià Castelló Pérez takes over the business... In the Castelló family, we boast over 125 years of history and continue to work at our craft.