About us

Castelló produces the authentic xuixo de Girona, a century-old recipe that’s been passed down through the years, enabling parents and children to make this much-appreciated sweet, Girona through and through.

In 2018, Julià Castelló and Pilar Campos opened a new pastry shop specialising in the preparation of xuixos, possibly the only one of its kind that exists anywhere, with fully handmade production on a daily basis.

The fresh, daily-made product co-exists with a new selection which, following years of tests and trials, has achieved optimal results, a fully-finished fifth-range xuixo of the highest quality to enable catering professionals, bakers, confectioners, specialised shops and other food establishments to use it to expand their offers with a xuixo the likes of which has never been made before.

Castelló and El Xuixo de Can Castelló are each registered trademarks, serving to uniquely identify the product.



Castelló in Girona since 1898